I’m baaaaack!

For anybody who reads this, and does not know who I am, my name is Jack Fabian.
I am twenty-two years old and I live in Cannock, in the West Midlands. I have not always lived here. Before moving here, last year, I lived in a small town called Thamesmead. It was a vile place but it had its small claims to fame, such as being the location for movies such as A Clockwork Orange and Beautiful Thing. It also boasts the sites of TV shows and music videos such as Misfits and Millionaires by The Script.

I moved to Cannock last year to move in with my boyfriend, who I met on the internet, via Twitter. We have been together for one year and 5 months now. I much prefer Cannock to Thamesmead because I am able to walk the streets without fear of being stabbed or shot.

Anyway, I have started this blog because I am starting a Creative Writing course at Staffordshire University next year and thought this would be a good place to post my writing. I had a blog on here previously but did not kept it for very long. I will strive to keep this for much, much longer.


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